Unexpected Magic

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Wed May 12 01:52:47 EDT 2004

At 02:23 PM 5/12/2004 +0100, Jennifer Rowland wrote:
>widdy wrote:
> > I just bought DWJ's new collection "Unexpected Magic" and am enjoying
> > it. The only other collection of shorts I have of hers is
> > "Stopping for a Spell" which I haven't read yet.
> >
> > I'm disappointed that there aren't any Chrestomanci stories
> > in it, but I know I can just get "Mixed Magic" and have them.
> > I've read "Stealer of Souls".
>I can't work out if I need to buy this or not, aargh! The only info I 
>could find on the contents of "Unexpected Magics" was on Meredith's site, 
>which says 'this new collection brings all Diana's short stories together 
>in one volume', but it can't do that if there aren't any Chrestomanci 
>ones; the link to HarperCollins in Nat's post, which only mentioned four 
>specific stories; and Amazon.com, which says 'Sixteen tales of mystery and 
>magic from Jones, three of them never before published in the U.S. Of 
>those previously published here, five come from Believing Is Seeing (1990) 
>and seven from Warlock at the Wheel and Other Stories (1984). Even 
>libraries that own those volumes should consider purchasing this because 
>it concludes with the novella "Everard's Ride".'
>If only they'd said *which* three haven't been published in the U.S. I'd 
>know if I have them in one of the British anthologies.
>I guess it's only officially been in print for a few days, when it's been 
>out a bit longer the table of contents will turn up in the online 
>bibliographies, it's just a case of holding my horses.

I did some poking around when Deborah listed the contents of _Unexpected 
Magic_ a couple of months
ago.  I made a list of  known short stories and which DWJ story collections 
to find them in and my
conclusion was:

 >Except for "The Girl Jones," which I've never heard of, _Unexpected Magic_
 >appears to collect every DWJ story (with a few exceptions) that hasn't 
 >been collected in the recent _Stopping for a Spell_  (reissued) and  _Mixed
 >Magics_ (Chrestomanci) collections.

 >The exceptions are "A True State of Affairs" (Dalemark), "Mela Worms," and
 >"Slice of Life."

 >_Unexpected Magic_ also includes a few stories ("The Green Stone,"
 >"The Fat Wizard," and "Little Dot") that haven't before been collected.

So if you have _Stopping for a Spell_, _Mixed Magics_ and _Unexpected
Magics_, you will have all but three DWJ stories with no overlap.

(who'd link to that post if the listserv archive weren't so wonky--we appear
to have been entirely silent between April 14, 2003 and May 01, 2004)

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