Unexpected Magic

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at imperial.ac.uk
Wed May 12 09:23:53 EDT 2004

widdy wrote:
> I just bought DWJ's new collection "Unexpected Magic" and am enjoying 
> it. The only other collection of shorts I have of hers is 
> "Stopping for a Spell" which I haven't read yet.
> I'm disappointed that there aren't any Chrestomanci stories 
> in it, but I know I can just get "Mixed Magic" and have them. 
> I've read "Stealer of Souls".

I can't work out if I need to buy this or not, aargh! The only info I could find on the contents of "Unexpected Magics" was on Meredith's site, which says 'this new collection brings all Diana's short stories together in one volume', but it can't do that if there aren't any Chrestomanci ones; the link to HarperCollins in Nat's post, which only mentioned four specific stories; and Amazon.com, which says 'Sixteen tales of mystery and magic from Jones, three of them never before published in the U.S. Of those previously published here, five come from Believing Is Seeing (1990) and seven from Warlock at the Wheel and Other Stories (1984). Even libraries that own those volumes should consider purchasing this because it concludes with the novella "Everard's Ride".' 
If only they'd said *which* three haven't been published in the U.S. I'd know if I have them in one of the British anthologies.
I guess it's only officially been in print for a few days, when it's been out a bit longer the table of contents will turn up in the online bibliographies, it's just a case of holding my horses.

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