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Tue May 11 05:48:41 EDT 2004

Charlie replied to Ven:

>> And while I'm on the subject the fact that
>> AG was first published in 1984 is interesting is
>> it not?
>Yes indeed - and this tempts me to mention another coincidence, which is
>that G.K. Chesterton's *The Napoleon of Notting Hill* (pub. I think 1904) is
>set 80 years in the future - hence also 1984. I remember being very struck
>by that when I read it (in about 1979).

I had always understood that not to be a coincidence but a snipe: Orwell's
date was deliberately the same because the "future" of *The Napoleon of
Notting Hill* seemed to him to be unlikely.  *1984* was published in 1949,
rather than 1948 and thus a reversal of date, anyhow, which makes it seem
possible that the rumour he did on purpose to refer to Chesterton is true.

DWJ says "Oh, well *done*, Ven!"  Apparently AG was deliberately aimed at
1984 and *Nineteen Eighty-Four*, and she's been waiting ever since for
anyone to notice.  Big grin appears.


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