Spitting tintacks, plus quiz

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Tue May 11 04:42:19 EDT 2004

Ven quite reasonably asked for an update:

>It sounds like someone should make some kind of
>programme about the awful way television treats
>it's talking fodder, with interviews with Dwj and
>other victims.

Their equipment would probably implode if they
tried to.  :-)

>How did it go Minnow? Do we know what the
>programme, if theer is one, is now?

First and most important, she was not left with
severe back pain or anything worse than feeling
too tired to do anything much for a couple of days.

The programme is going out on BBC television on
7th July some time in the evening after 10.  It's
about adult reactions to fantasy, or something,
and apparently includes Philip Pullman and
Salman Rushdie and other such household names.

Whether DWJ will actually appear is not yet known,
nor for how long.  They grilled her and filmed,
in a hotel with "a vast purple sofa in the room",
for two hours, and may use as much as two minutes
is what she reckons.  It will be edited, and they
actually said "We like to have the last word" at
one point, so I for one am not expecting it to be
either coherent or interesting, except in terms
of how much her actual views get distorted in
the editing.  She was too tired by the time they
finished with her to be able to remember the
name of the programme.

Out of evil shall good come, though.  The day
after, thinking to amuse her with something not
too demanding, I told her about the quiz you had
produced (though I didn't have a copy with me
so we still don't know who runs her bit of town)
and she got interested.  We now have a twenty-
question multiple-choice quiz being thought out,
and she has done the answers for fourteen of the
characters whom we felt ought to be included.

Aimee, Anna: she has done six out of the 19 you
suggested between you.  So far.  Fiddle may not
be included because Fiddle's answers to many of
the questions are not available: he went away
and didn't really communicate much.

It may take a while, because eighty or so people
(and others) started to demand attention!  So
please be patient.  Persuading some of them to
pipe down and slink away is not going to be
easy.  Doing them all is going to be a longish
job.  Also the questions keep having to be
adjusted to take account of factors that had
managed to escape attention at first, and only
show up when some character doesn't fit any of
the answers we had to begin with.

If the whole thing turns out to be too much for
her, or she starts to write instead, I'll do my
best to get it into useable shape, but it won't
be as good as if she did it, because I don't
know the people as well as she does.  I didn't
know Querida does needlepoint and fine sewing,
for instance.  :-))  Should have guessed, I


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