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Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Mon May 10 20:41:16 EDT 2004

I wrote

> Feel free to suggest improvements, tweaks etc.
Rosie replies
<Well, q14 does require some knowledge of schools

of criticism which I
do not possess (I guessed); but as it has been 
made clear to me in
previous discussions that I am the only ignoramus

on the list, it
probably doesn't matter. It was fun anyway!>

Hey! I was mostly bluffing -- I just put that
question in because of Quentin and the

<Wow - that was quick.  You are so good at this 
too - I was feeling a bit 
guilty remembering having said you 'needed' to 
add this question, but 
now it's going to be a temptation to drop 'hey, 
Ven, you need to do us 
another quiz - which kind of magic user are you, 
maybe?' remarks all the 
time!  ;)>

Still enjoying the complimentation, ego gently
basks, but remember I was but building on what
Diana wrote, many of the jokes (see
structuralists above) were her's to say nothing
of the whole way of looking at the world. 

Dorian said
 <We have a very pesky ice-cream van that comes 
around at all hours of the day
and night, all year round, playing "Teddy-Bears 
Picnic" and driving us nuts.>

If it is coming round all night then I would have
a strong suspicion that ice cream is  not all it
sells. One of Shine's I daresay.

Roger said 
<With Ven's permission, I've turned this into a 
web-based quiz. Point a
web browser at 

Thank you again Roger, it's much better with the
questions randomised.

Doing this quiz renewed my admiration for how the
areas farmed were divided up to fit the
characters of the siblings. For example at first
I found it hard to divide up what belonged to
Dillian and Shine -- because they are so
interdependent of course.  I found Erskine hard
to do, even after I had cottoned on to the
underground theme, mainly because I wanted to
avoid being outright pejorative... Venturus was
the most difficult and I'm afraid has some of the
most feeble answers. I think this was partly
because the  "future" of 1984 is the present of
now. And while I'm on the subject the fact that
AG was first published in 1984 is interesting is
it not?


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