New DWJ? Conrad's Fate

Judith Ridge Judith.Ridge at
Mon May 10 19:59:34 EDT 2004

> But if Chrestomanci is only 15 in this new one Milly will almost
> surely be at school, so you may get your wish!

Yes, although Milly at school at 15 would be a very different prospect from
Milly at school at 12 (or however old she was at the end of "Lives"). It was
the thought of her going off to boarding school imagining it would be all
Angela Brazil that interested me.

>DWJ wouldn't be so cruel
> as to keep her away from all the action, would she? I must say I always felt a
> bit curious about the disparity in Millies between the grown up cozy Milly
> of Charmed Life and the young godlet of The Lives Of Christopher Chant. I
> know we only saw grown up Millie through the eyes of children in her care,
> and not from the point of view of one of her contemporaries, but I've
> never quite seen how one grew up to be the other.  Can't wait to meet an
> inbetween Millie. Do you think she'll be *very* jolly hockey sticks?

Absolutely! She'd be every stereotype of those boarding school books she
read and I can imagine it would be hilarious. I'd love a book about Milly,
it would address that disparity you've identified between Mrs Chrestomanci
and the Goddess (which is no doubt partly due to Lives being written well
after Charmed Life) and it would be great to see her take centre stage in
her own adventure.


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