New DWJ? Conrad's Fate

Anna Clare McDuff amcduff at
Mon May 10 14:49:39 EDT 2004

Elise Wrote:

>I'm with you - can't wait - a whole year... This will take grit 
>and perseverence or a judicious application of forgetfulness. Possibly 

	Both for me definitely. I'm going to have to work hard at 
forgetting it's coming. It sounds like such a delicious premise for a 
novel... Karma, a whole new DWJ town (think of the quiz possibilities 
alone :-) and a teenage Chrestomanci on hand to "help". Bliss...

Charlie wrote:

>If you can't wait till 2005, did you hear about the new edition of
>*Changeover* that Meredith's bringing out, er, any time now? Details are 
>on the official website.

	I went and had a look & tried to order a couple of copies (one for 
me, one for my DWJ-fan stepfather) but I'm not sure the order went through 
as paypal was acting up a bit, sending strange error messages. Oh well, 
if it doesn't come up on my bank statement I'll try again. Has anyone else 
had that problem? It all went fine until I clicked on the final "pay" 
button, and then I was sent to an error page. Don't dare try again until 
I've seen if I've been charged for those two, can't afford to buy four...

Judith wrote:

>Sounds great, Anna! But I'm a touch disappointed; when I interviewed
>Diana many a year ago now she said she was wanting to write a 
>Chrestomanci novel in which Milly goes to school. I have been dying to 
>read it ever since, but alas, she's never written it

	But if Chrestomanci is only 15 in this new one Milly will almost
surely be at school, so you may get your wish! DWJ wouldn't be so cruel 
as to keep her away from all the action, would she? I must say I always felt a
bit curious about the disparity in Millies between the grown up cozy Milly
of Charmed Life and the young godlet of The Lives Of Christopher Chant. I
know we only saw grown up Millie through the eyes of children in her care,
and not from the point of view of one of her contemporaries, but I've
never quite seen how one grew up to be the other.  Can't wait to meet an
inbetween Millie. Do you think she'll be *very* jolly hockey sticks? 

Ika wrote:

> story. It calls for a different sort of speculation. I suppose I'd been
> thinking of the Chrestoverse as a closed canon, so it's strange and
> exciting to have it suddenly become an open one.

	It is, isn't it? What I'm hoping is that this will be a proper 
sequel to Lives, and not something like Witch Week or Magicians where, OK, 
they are set in the worlds of Chrestomanci, but we don't really get to 
spend much time with the Chant family & co...

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