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Ika blake at
Mon May 10 07:34:33 EDT 2004

Elise wrote:

> I'm with you - can't wait - a whole year...

<heartfelt> Me either. I got my hands on The Merlin Conspiracy months
early (hahahaha*) because my girlfriend was a reviewer at the time and let
me read her advance proof copy. But she's just moved from Australia to the
UK (which is why I haven't been around, if anyone's been idle enough to
idly wonder about that) so she's going to have to get a hustle on if she's
going to get a new reviewing gig in time to score me a review copy of this

*still gloating

and Gili wrote:

> Also DWJ did mention (at the pubmeet in September) that Christopher is
> about
> 15 in this book

<runs about wildly, calms down enough after reading *four* emails on this
topic to register that "Christopher" is not "Cat", redirects excitement,
falls over, squeeing delightedly and waving legs in the air>

If anything could delight me more than a canonical 15yo Christopher, I
don't know what it could be. I've been having a very faint... not exactly
unease, but... although obviously I would be entirely overjoyed to have a
novel about 15yo Cat, I'm also in the middle of working out my own version
of what happened after Charmed Life/Stealer of Souls and it's nice to be
left in freedom to speculate about that. Though I wonder how this new book
will relate to the scenario my girlfriend and I have been evolving about
Christopher's adolescence?

I seem to have an intractably fanwriter-shaped head. I write in two
fandoms, one 'closed' and one 'open', and it makes such a difference to
the way I read/write. Closed canons give you total freedom to speculate,
carry on stories, interpret events, etc, whereas in open canons
(continuing series) you're - not exactly a passive reader but... always
aware that the story isn't finished, that the pattern of filled-in text
and blank space isn't complete yet, so what you think is a margin or a
lacuna that you're doodling in might turn out to be the next part of the
story. It calls for a different sort of speculation. I suppose I'd been
thinking of the Chrestoverse as a closed canon, so it's strange and
exciting to have it suddenly become an open one.

Love, Ika

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