DWJ Quiz -- Who's Running Your Town

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Sun May 9 08:46:40 EDT 2004

Quoting "Dorian E. Gray" <israfel at eircom.net>:

> > Vehicles seen driving down your street are
> c. Ice cream vans
> We have a very pesky ice-cream van that comes around at all hours of the
> day
> and night, all year round, playing "Teddy-Bears Picnic" and driving us
> nuts.

Where I live, the garbage trucks play ice cream truck style jingles. It's 
really confusing at first--the first month or so, every single week I'd get 
all excited when I heard it--ice cream!  and then I'd remember and feel gypped.

but what can you expect when Erskine runs your town?

lizzie, who just finished 'to say nothing of the dog' for at least the fourth 

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