Spitting tintacks

Dorian E. Gray israfel at eircom.net
Sat May 8 11:45:57 EDT 2004

Minnow said...

> Anyone who feels goodwill towards her (and I assume that's all of us here)
> is asked, please think calming and strengthening thoughts towards her, on
> the M4 from about 1pm and in Cantral London later today!  She has no idea
> when she will be coming home so she can't ask for anything at that point,
> but general goodwill she feels is helpful.

Most unfortunately, I've been off-mail for several days and have only just
got this.  But do assure DWJ of my sympathy, and I shall continue to make
calming and strengthening thoughts, since even if she's home by now, she
probably still needs them!

> If this cripples her again I am going to start planning an extermination
> campaign in the echelons of the BBC, that's what, on the grounds that they
> are a Nuisance that needs Abating.  It's a Monstrous Imposition, and she
> too polite to tell them to bog off or bring their recording equipment to
> her instead of dragging her across the country like this.

What is impolite about telling someone pleasantly, "I'm sorry, but I'm
afraid that just isn't possible."?  I admit, I don't like to tell people
"no" myself (though I often wish I had!), but there is nothing inherently
rude about doing so, and no-one should be made a sacrifice of to someone
else's rudeness - least of all someone like DWJ who does not travel well and
is being made to do just that.

I hope she was thoroughly human and freaked the collective head of the BBC;
it sounds as if they need it!

Perhaps we should get up a Society for the Protection of DWJ, in order to
keep her from being hassled by such foolishness. :-)


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