DWJ Quiz -- Who's Running Your Town

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Fri May 7 12:48:04 EDT 2004

Thanks for all complimentary remarks, it was fun
to do  as well.

Hallie wrote 
<Only question you need to add is the state of 
your roads   - torn to 
bits would probably out-weigh all other questions

around here atm!>

The roads are:
a. Freshly marked and signposted
b. Twisty, with confusing alleys
c. Bright with posters and billboards
d. Always being dug up for something or nothing
e. Clogged up by the school run
f. Potholed and muddy 
g. Superhighways

Vehicles seen driving down your street are
a. 4 wheel drives 
b. Untaxed, or, if taxed, rather hot
c. Ice cream vans
d. White vans
e. Thosde pesky UFOs again
f. Horse drawn
g. Sporty

Philip asked about the British in joke, it
requires you to watch a lot of telly as well.
There's an advert which features a bewildered old
lady standing on stone steps leading up to a
columned entranceway while trendy young people
rush in and out, on their mobile phones. "My
bank," she says "has turned into a trendy
winebar!" One knows the feeling! (The advert is
for a bank which is retaining it's small local
branches.) Hence, in the question about local
pubs, the answer for Archer is that it "used to
be a bank".  


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