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minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Fri May 7 07:05:43 EDT 2004

in about half-an-hour, that is at 12.30 (British Summer Time) this day
(Friday 7th May) a car will arrive at DWJ's house to take her 120 miles to
London at the behest of the BBC, or some part of it.

She has not been told whether this is for something that will appear on
television, or be heard on radio.

She has been given a list of questions to study, which she says are all
either beside the point (insofar as she's been told what the point of the
exercise is) or about J.K. Rowling, of whose work she is largely ignorant
on account of only having read two books of it.

She says that she feels that she is being thought of as if she were "a coat
they can just take out of cupboard when they want it and then put back
again, not a human being", and that in fact if one shows signs of being a
human being on these occasions the people running the show become alarmed.

What's more, there have been times she has been dragged to London (or, not
quite so dreadfully, dragged to the BBC studios in Bristol) in this way and
then they have decided not to broadcast the result at all, thus wasting her
entire day and leaving her exhausted for a week afterwards to no purpose

Anyone who feels goodwill towards her (and I assume that's all of us here)
is asked, please think calming and strengthening thoughts towards her, on
the M4 from about 1pm and in Cantral London later today!  She has no idea
when she will be coming home so she can't ask for anything at that point,
but general goodwill she feels is helpful.

When or if they let her know when where and if this thing *is* being
broadcast, I'll post an update with that information.  Just don't hold your
breaths waiting: if the HarperCollins publicity folk can't find out, what
chance has a mere author?

If this cripples her again I am going to start planning an extermination
campaign in the echelons of the BBC, that's what, on the grounds that they
are a Nuisance that needs Abating.  It's a Monstrous Imposition, and she is
too polite to tell them to bog off or bring their recording equipment to
her instead of dragging her across the country like this.


Minnow (who says a fish can't growl?)

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