DWJ Quiz -- Who's Running Your Town

Rosie Hopkins rosieburroughs at yahoo.com
Thu May 6 06:07:15 EDT 2004

> 1. The area in which you live is
> f. A place of rural solitude
> 2. Your house is
> c. A converted vicarage
Actually, it *is* a vicarage - well, a manse.
> 3. Your cup of tea (if not actually flavoured with curry or vinegar)
> is 
> f. Tansy, mint or some other kind of herb
> 4. Your nearest pub is
> c. Known for hosting local bands
> 5. What keeps you awake at night
> f. Nothing, it's so peaceful
> 6. What wakes you up in the morning
> a. Your alarm clock at exactly the same time every day.
> 7. Your neighbour
> a. Keeps their hedges trimmed and their lawns mowed.
> 8. Public transport is
> f. Late
> 9. The local shops are
> c. A supermarket that sells everything from radishes to records
> 10. Local schools are
> c. Religious
> 11. The local park has
> a. More "keep off the grass" signs than swings
> f. A preservation order
Not sure there is one, but neither of these would surprise me.
> 12. For a good day out the locals
> a. Have a competition for the best gardens.
> 13. The locals like to wear
> b. Black
> 14. The appropiate school of criticism is
> f. Traditional
> Tot up the numbers of as, bs, cs etc. results
> below.

So rural Berkshire is run by Hathway, with Dillian and Torquil both
taking a hand. That could explain a lot.

> Feel free to suggest improvements, tweaks etc.

Well, q14 does require some knowledge of schools of criticism which I
do not possess (I guessed); but as it has been made clear to me in
previous discussions that I am the only ignoramus on the list, it
probably doesn't matter. It was fun anyway!


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