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Tue May 4 18:57:04 EDT 2004

Anna wrote:

>        <groan> Don't mention the state of the roads, it was a pothole
>directly outside my house that led to my current crutch and neurofen
>dependent state. At least now I can blame Shine! Though wasn't it Archer
>who sent crews to dig up all the roads?

It was Hathaway.

He did it twice: once whilst DWJ was writing the book, and once whilst the
TV series was on.  DWJ's house backs onto the end of a cul-de-sac that is
also in part an unadopted road, and when the council do things to their bit
of it, there is no access at all to her house by car, because no road goes
past the front and the back is blocked off.  Life would have been easier if
they had warned her so that she could get her car out of the garage
*before* there was no road to drive it along, each time, mind.


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