Flapjack recipe, golden syrup and damper

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Mon May 3 23:47:03 EDT 2004

>Personally, I find the lack of Tim Tams in America the most deplorable
>thing. Honestly, how can you people live? Oreos are all well and good, but
>nothing once you've tasted a TimTam...

Imagine my delight when I found them in Superstore. They may be available 
in the US, too, in places that sell fancy imported groceries like Golden 
Syrup. The thing is, the exported TimTam is called an Arnott's "original" 
biscuit. The pack is the same as in Australia, but the word/s TimTam do not 

>If you have TimTams, the best way to 'eat' them is in a TimTam slammer,
>which means nipping the tips off opposite ends of the biscuit, then using it
>as a straw to drink hot chocolate or coffee or milo. You have to be quick,
>because the biscuit melts straight away and melts into a glorious chocolaty
>mush inside your mouth - the only way to feed a chocolate addiction!

Hardcore TimTam eaters do the slammer with port, not hot fluids.


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