Fun quiz and...

Ven vendersleighc at
Mon May 3 23:49:11 EDT 2004

Elizabeth quoted

<... Now they are six they are clever as clever, 
and they think they'll stay
six now for ever and ever.
(It's not my fault - it was the mention of AA 
Milne at the beginning of
Ven's post that did it!)>

That is a pretty good description of my little
cats, the dear little wretches. They were six on
Friday and Saturday, I never remember their
birthdays until after the event. Their Uncle Alex
is sixteen in June and I must try to remember
that. He is also a cat, in case that wasn't
clear, and sadly has just been diagnosed with
failing kidneys. He is responding to his
medication however and still keeping the kits in
line for me.  In fact he is responding to his
medication so well that he has started putting up
a proper fight over it. Cats! Cooking Fats! as
his first owner would say. 

And finally, as this is in the fun quiz thread,
I've been working on a quiz idea tonight. It's
postable now but I'm going to let it simmer and
have another revision.


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