Flapjack recipe

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Mon May 3 23:37:43 EDT 2004

Aimee wrote:

<On the subject, a lecturer of mine went to
for a year to teach, and
all her students, who had been reading an 
Australian novel, were wondering
what Milo was. Apparently they thought it was a 
type of drug all the Aussies
were on! It's actually a malt drink powder you 
mix with milk, like
chocolate, but more... malty.>

It's quite similar to Ovaltine, which we still
have in the UK. There was a little health food
shop in Aldershot (this was long before they
became de rigeur) where you could buy Milo. I
mention this mainly because I wonder if anyone
else has ever had Instant Postum, a near
tasteless drink that i susopect my Nana developed
a taste for during the war as a coffee

And, getting back to flapjacks, if you do use
nuts, despite Minnow's strictures, my top tip is
to press almonds or brazil pieces or walnuts into
the surface of the precooked flapjacks so they
are deliciously roasted. 


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