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> wrote:
> > Do you need the muesli (which I believe is rather
> like granola cereal) in the
> > flapjack, or is that optional?  Would you increase
> the amount of oats if
> > leaving out the muesli?
> > 
> > What is a jaffle?  At first I thought a sort of
> waffle, but bolognese?
> >    Devra (always interested in food and cooking)
> > 
> It's a toasted sandwich, but a real jaffle is cooked
> in a jaffle iron over
> an open flame, rather than in an electronic toasted
> sandwich maker. If you
> do a google image search on jaffle iron, you'll see
> pictures of jaffle irons
> (I have a round one as well as the square ones you
> can see). If you do a
> standard google on jaffle iron you'll get various
> websites dedicated to the
> humble, yet unbeatable jaffle.
I'll just add here that jaffles appear to be uniquely
australian, and that true jaffles not only are cooked
over a fire and not in an electric impliment but are
round, not square. I'll also add a few limericks that
I found on a website for the Sydney University

DíBoozer she was very droll
When her jaffles came out like charcoal
Her jaffles were so black-oh
She gave them to Acko
Who ate them to clog up his hole.

Dave and his tin of creamed corn
Have been walking since before we were born
Creamed corn is the go
It helps you thrive and to grow
But it hasnít done much for his horn.

Bread is normally jaffled in twos
Two slices at a time is whatís used
But the gangling git
uses three and a bit
And then spills them all over his shoes.

Airdrie looked rather bizarre
When her jaffle iron was used as a bra
The cast iron plate
Was a burdensome weight
And she could no longer walk quite as far

I strongly suspect that the dave in the second one is
my brother who has been a member of this club since
1973 and loves creamed corn jaffles.


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