Flapjack recipe, golden syrup and damper

Aimee Smith s4028253 at student.uq.edu.au
Mon May 3 21:00:05 EDT 2004

My Mum sometimes used to make flapjack-type anzac biccies, deep and moist
and crumblier when dry, in a baking tin, and sometimes they were thinner and
thus cooked harder.

Every Australia day my Mother also makes a damper - sometimes very like a
huge scone slab - in the oven, shaped like Australia, with the state lines
drawn in so they'll be there when it's cooked. Everyone used to want Western
Australia. We'd eat them hot and moist and steaming with all sorts of
toppings, most common being butter and Bundaberg golden syrup (from sugar
cane). Yum!

Personally, I find the lack of Tim Tams in America the most deplorable
thing. Honestly, how can you people live? Oreos are all well and good, but
nothing once you've tasted a TimTam...
If you have TimTams, the best way to 'eat' them is in a TimTam slammer,
which means nipping the tips off opposite ends of the biscuit, then using it
as a straw to drink hot chocolate or coffee or milo. You have to be quick,
because the biscuit melts straight away and melts into a glorious chocolaty
mush inside your mouth - the only way to feed a chocolate addiction!

On the subject, a lecturer of mine went to Canada for a year to teach, and
all her students, who had been reading an Australian novel, were wondering
what Milo was. Apparently they thought it was a type of drug all the Aussies
were on! It's actually a malt drink powder you mix with milk, like
chocolate, but more... malty.


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