Fun quiz and...

Ven vendersleighc at
Mon May 3 16:50:25 EDT 2004

Hmm I was AA Milne the first time I tried the
children's author quiz, then Dr Seuss twice,
before ending up as Laura Ingalls Wilder when I
tried very hard not to be either of the other two
again. I didn't read either the Winnie the Pooh
books or Dr Seuss as a child so they didn't seem
very appropiate. The connecting thread by the way
was my choice of either the woods with the
friendly animals or the forest with the romping
animals. I chose the friendly ones first because
I thought the romping could become tiresome after
a while. I've had my two younger cats since they
were eight weeks old and when they were kittens I
used to wish I do do a time shift now and then so
I could chill with some adult sedateness and save
some romping to amuse me later on. They do still
romp now they are six* of course but without that
manic intensity. 

Hallie commented 
<Hallie, who just noticed all the messages sent 
while suberic was down 
are here but were hiding.  I was wondering what 
Ven was talking about, 
and how Judith had replied to Charlie's message 
when it hadn't posted.>

I was thinking I was the only one who had noticed
that the list was down, well possibly the other
digest readers too, but I can't imagine which of
my posts was a puzzle........ and I don't seem to
have seen any of Anna's message before either.
Did we have a time slip or something?


*(good grief I've just missed their birthdays,
chicken tomorrow then)  


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