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Huh!  I'vwe always thought of flapjacks an an American food -- pancakes,
as you said.  I've never seen them used in a British context.  But there
they are in the OED, with a 17th century meaning for "fruit tart".
Alternately a "hydraulic machine".

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Entry printed from Oxford English Dictionary Online
© Oxford University Press 2004


(flæpdæk)  [f. FLAP v. (sense 4a) + JACK.]

    1. a. A flat cake, a pan-cake.    b. An apple turnover or flat tart,
an .apple-jack..

  c1600 DAY Begg. Bednall Gr. v. (1881) 114 My Mother..could have taught
thee how to a made butters and flap~jacks. 1620 TAYLOR (Water-P.)
Jack-a-Lent Bij, A Flap~iack, which in our translation is call'd a
Pancake. 1641 BROME Joviall Crew II. Wks. 1873 III. 376 Flapiacks, and
Pan-puddings. 1825 J. NEAL Bro. Jonathan I. 272 Like a flap-jack in a
fryin' pan. 1842 HAWTHORNE Amer. Note-bks. (1883) 303 We had a splendid
breakfast of flapjacks, or slapjacks, and whortleberries. 1871 M. A.
BARKER Christmas Cake in Four Quarters 294 We told Munro we'd have his
flap-jacks for second course. 1945 A. P. HARPER Camping & Bushcraft in
N.Z. i. 21 To make a flap-jack, mix some flour and baking powder into a
thick paste.

  Comb. 1872 C. KING Mountain. Sierra Nev. vii. 135 Longhurst came upon
the boards as a flapjack-frier.

    c. A biscuit usu. containing rolled oats, syrup, etc. (Not known to
some correspondents in S. England.)

  1935 M. STRUAN Pop. Home Cookery 234 Date Flap~jacks... Cream the
butter and sugar and when they are soft work in the rolled oats. Press
half the mixture in a well-buttered tin, and spread with the dates. 1942
Radiation Cookery Bk. (ed. 24) 149 Flap Jacks. Ingredients. 6 oz. butter
or margarine. 8 oz. rolled oats. 6 oz. Demerara sugar. Pinch of salt.
1950 Good Housek. Tea-Time Fare 34 Syrup Flapjack... Melt the margarine,
sugar and syrup together, add the rolled oats..and bake it in a
moderately hot oven. When the flapjack is golden-brown, remove it from
oven. 1962 Guardian 17 Nov. 12/6 A proper recipe for genuine
oats-and-treacle flapjacks.

    2. a. A kind of hydraulic machine (see quot. 1842).    b. dial. The

  1842 TAYLOR in Proc. Inst. Civ. Eng. II. 102 For low falls [of water]
there were many machines..for instance..the old .flap-jack., with a
reservoir of water at one end of a beam and a pump at the other. 1847
HALLIWELL, Flap-jack, the lapwing. Suffolk.

    3. A vanity case for face-powder.

  1934 Punch 16 May 553/3 A flapjack with a powder~puff Might well be
indiscreet [as a present]. 1941 S. GIBBONS Rich House vii. 75 Slowly
opening her handbag and taking out her flapjack.

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