William Mayne update

Gili Bar-Hillel gbhillel at netvision.net.il
Sat Mar 27 17:48:38 EST 2004

Ika wrote:

> I haven't been able to read
>Anne Sexton's (once-)lovely, lyrical poetry about her daughters'
>adolescence since I found out the daughters claim she abused them, so this
>sort of information sometimes does make a difference to my reading.

I can't read "Transformations" without remembering what Maria Tatar told her
class about how this book came about. It seems that Anne Sexton caught one
of her daughters reading a book of fairy tales, and asked her whether she
liked them, and which were her favorite stories in the book. The poems in
"Transformations" are each about a story that her daughter named as a
favorite. It's one thing when a poet writes a new take on old fairy tales,
showing how each can be viewed in a deep, dark light. It's another to think
of a mother deliberately twisting and corrupting something she knows her
daughter enjoyed.

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