William Mayne update

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Sat Mar 27 17:44:27 EST 2004


>|How do you think this impinges on his work as a writer? Before this, he was
>|much admired (even if not read a lot lately). Do you think there will be
>|some revisionist readings and hasty droppings of his stuff from collections
>|now? Or will his work continue to be esteemed? Lord Byron did some pretty
>|weird stuff in his time, and so have other writers (Poe, etc), but their
>|work is still admired. Lewis Carroll seems to have had a slightly odd
>|relationship with children too.
>  I don't
>think we ever came to any firm conclusions about how that should affect
>whether or not the book was used with children, and how it should be
>used with children.

We discussed this at dinner (my mother, my sister, the girls and I) 
and didn't come to any firm conclusions either.  The one thing we all 
felt was that it seemed much worse (not that there would be a 
'better' to this at all) that it was the respect Mayne had earned as 
a children's writer that seemed to enable him to a great extent.  The 
article in the Times said that most of the girls were fans, and 
fascinated by his fantasy books, and most had originally sent him fan 
letters.   Ack, getting incoherent again.

FWIW, it's been said before, but I don't think the other examples are 
even in the same league as this.  And no matter how little time I 
have for Byron (and it's *little*), his many sexual partners seem to 
have been more than willing.


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