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Sat Mar 27 13:05:56 EST 2004

On Saturday, March 27, 2004, at 10:44 AM, deborah wrote:

> Does anybody read Alice any differently just because Alice Liddell was
> the object of the author's gaze?  I don't, but that might just be me.

I don't, but I had Alice read to me when I was so young that it doesn't
occupy a vulnerable position.

Also, I can believe that Dodgson [sp?] never _did_ anything.  Nobody
seems to think nowadays that people can have peculiar passions
without doing anything about them, but they can, particularly if their
society doesn't allow for them.

I'm not saying that no Victorian abused children, because lots of
them did, but I can believe that some of them didn't.  Just as there
are some people nowadays who don't do what they think is wrong.

As Pat Califia-Rice once pointed out [these are not his exact words],
you are not responsible for [and should not be blamed for] what turns
you on, but you are responsible for what you do about it.


- If you're living like there's no global warming,
   you'd better be right.

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