Peeking in windows

Ika blake at
Sat Mar 27 09:50:33 EST 2004

Melissa replied to Helen:

>>I couldn't get this to work for me. I could look at the map, but not
>> post.
>>Maybe someone could put me in? I'm in Seattle.
> I added you.  See if you can make changes to yourself.

Gah. I can't get it to work either (if I click on 'Post' it just says
"Error on page" and does nothing). If anyone could add me (Leeds,
Yorkshire, UK, trousers, short hair, pink skin), that'd be ace.

Love, Ika

"It's brilliant, Bernard. Really, it is. Just two really small changes.
Instead of the academic, the daughter and the journalist, perhaps it could
be an elephant? And instead of the Stalinist purges, the divorce and the
investigation, maybe he... loses a balloon?"
- Manny is the best beta-reader ever in Black Books
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