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minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Tue Mar 23 07:38:04 EST 2004

I am being driven mad by an inability to remember which book something was
in, and someone here is sure to know.  (I am almost certain it's really
obvious and the moment someone says, I'll go "durn, of *course*!")

King Arthur was married to Guinevere.  So far, clear.  But in some modern
retelling of his story, he was married to *two* women of that name: first
to a sweet child who died in childbirth, and then a bit later to the one
who caused all that trouble by having no children and falling in love with
someone else.

Can someone please tell me which book that's in, and by whom?

Also, can anyone think of a source for the idea other than the modern
author's mind?  I know there is a Welsh triad naming the three wives of
Arthur as "Gwenhwyfar, the daughter of Gwryd Gwent, Gwenhwyfar, the
daughter of Gwythur son of Greidawl, and Gwenhwyfar, the daughter of Ogrvan
the Giant" (I think those are the spellings), and I know there's a tomb in
Glastonbury that says something to the effect "Here lies Guinevere, the
second wife of Arthur", but is there anything in the way of an actual story
anywhere, giving him more than just the one wife, pre-twentieth-century?

Thanks in advance.


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