fairy tale retellings

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Thu Mar 18 04:02:04 EST 2004

>I know there are a number of people on this list who are aficianados 
>of this genre (sub-genre). I am looking for short story suggestions 
>of good fairy tale retellings. Anyone got anything to suggest?

As well as the collections already mentioned, there are two in 
_Firebirds_.  One a Tam Lin retelling ('Cotillion by Delia Sherman) 
and Kara Dalkey's retelling of 'The Snow Queen'.

There's also a collection called _Once Upon a Galaxy_ which is fairy 
tales retold as science fiction instead of fantasy.  (Thanks, 
Dorian!)  Not all of the stories grabbed me that much, but it's such 
a great idea.

I think some of the stories in Patricia Wrede's _Book of 
Enchantments_ are also retellings, but can't remember that well. 
Also it's YA, and I'm not sure that would do for this?

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