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Kale lskale at ixaxis.net
Thu Mar 18 02:55:06 EST 2004

At 07:47 PM 3/17/2004 -0700, Robyn Starkey wrote:
>I know there are a number of people on this list who are aficianados of 
>this genre (sub-genre). I am looking for short story suggestions of good 
>fairy tale retellings. Anyone got anything to suggest?

Like in the the fairy tale anthologies edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri 

_Snow White, Rose Red_
         "The Springfield Swans" by Caroline Stevermer and Ryan Edmonds 
("The Wild Swan")
         "Little Poucet" by Steve Rasnic Tem ("Little Poucet")

_Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears_
         "Roach in Loafers" by Roberta Lannes ("Puss 'n Boots")
         "Naked Little Men" by Michael Cadnum ("The Shoemaker and the Elves")
         "The White Road" by Neil Gaiman ("Mr. Fox")
         "The Printer's Daughter" by Delia Sherman ("The Snow Child")

_Black Thorn, White Rose_
         "Stronger Than Time" by Patricia Wrede ("Sleeping Beauty")
         "The Frog King, or Iron Henry" by Daniel Quinn ("Iron Henry")
         "Can't Catch Me" by Michael Cadnum ("Gingerbread Man")
         "Granny Rumple" by Jane Yolen ("Rumplestiltskin")
         "Godson" by Roger Zelazny ("Godfather Death")

_Black Swan, White Raven_
         "The Flounder's Kiss" by Michael Cadnum ("The Fisherman and His Wife")
         "Rapunzel" by Anne Bishop ("Rapunzel")
         "Steadfast" by Nancy Kress ("The Steadfast Tin Soldier")
         "Godmother Death" by Jane Yolen ("Godfather Death")

_Silver Birch, Blood Moon_
         (Haven't read yet)

_Black Heart, Ivory Bones_
         (Don't have)

_A Wolf at the Door_
         (Don't have)
_Swan Sister_
         (Haven't read yet)


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