Long Lived Characters

Ika blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Wed Mar 17 04:33:31 EST 2004

Gili wrote:

> If different authors counted, then there are Wizard of Oz fanfics being
> published to this day, which would make Dorothy Gale 104 years old.

There's a fair bit of Jane Austen fanfic being published as well, so
Elizabeth, Darcy et al. will be, um, I have no idea [remembers mention of
Napoleon, gropes wildly through complete ignorance of history, comes up
with arbitrary date of 1805] 200 years old? But if we're getting into
different authors then things like retellings of the Iliad - or even
folktalkes? - start counting, which throws the statistics off a bit.

I can't find the publication date of "Autumn Term", but "The Marlows and
the Traitor" was published in 1953 and "Run Away Home" in 1982 (!!) which
makes Antonia Forest's Marlows at least 29.

Love, Ika

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