More OT: Regional Prejudices

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Tue Mar 16 15:26:32 EST 2004

Jon remarked:

>I thought Tasmania was too easy a target, but
>Queensland has a bit of a reputation too (and besides
>the story was about Queensland). I suspect that city
>dwellers think much the same of anywhere that doesn't
>have streetlights. In Toronto (NSW) where I live they
>they say this sort of thing of Awaba, a small town
>only a couple of Km away. The kids come to the school
>I teach at, and while there are many new, affluent,
>families buying up farms in the area (now only an hour
>from the northern suburbs of Sydney) the old Awaba
>families are all related - and with some of the kids
>it shows.

In England the usual target for this particular stuff
is East Anglia, where DWJ spent much of her childhood.
She goes kinda quiet when the jokes start.   Not, she
assures us, on account of personal experience, just a
feeling that it may have been true for at least a few
of the people she saw around.  So it isn't entirely a
joke, and isn't entirely funny either.


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