Meaningless names

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Tue Mar 16 09:54:15 EST 2004

> Okay, DWJ makes fun of unpronounceable fantasy names in the Tough Guide -
> but all this makes me wonder, have we ever talked about her own use of
> names?

She's good at names and naming. Chrestomanci  even gets a
lesson-on-saying-it. It's always risky using made-up names, though. Even if
YOU think it's obvious how to say them, other people often get it wrong. I
used DaiShah (the Welsh "dai" and "shah" as in Iran), but it did bother some
readers. Then there was ShuMar, which I stressed on syllable #2, and my ed.
stressed on syllable#1. I've learned better now. Any slight doubt - and I
throw in a pronounce-it-like-this scene.

Some names do have two different ways of sounding, though... an Australian
Mary might be merry and marry a man, while an American Mary apparently is
mary and may mary a man. The rhyme-game has caught me out in lots of



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