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Tue Mar 16 07:14:33 EST 2004

> <Christopher Chant/Chrestomanci,
> |for instance, is depicted neither as a specimen
> of the type
> |'heterosexual', despite marrying Milly, nor as a
> specimen of the type
> |'homosexual', despite being in love with Uncle
> Ralph and Tacroy.>


> Um a little confused with the use of "in love
> with" here, does it have a wider meaning in queer
> theory?

<g> Nah, I should probably take the blame for that one myself: I tend to
use the term "in love" pretty broadly, so the confusion is my fault.
Sorry. If I was being scrupulously queer-theory about it I'd probably say
"having a passionate attachment to" or "having a deep affective bond
with". (The word "passionate" there isn't meant as a euphemism for
"sexual", btw.)

Probably "crush" is a better word for Christopher's vast adoration of
Uncle Ralph, but I have a bit of an allergy to using the word "crush" for
children's emotions - and I'd argue that Christopher's instant adoration
of Ralph is very similar to Estelle's of Chrestomanci in Witch Week, which
is described as being "in love" by Estelle and Nan, although it obviously
isn't exactly the same sort of "in love" as, say, Sophie and Howl or
Christopher and Milly. (And Christopher's attachment to Tacroy becomes a
lot more complicated than a crush, though I think you could say it starts
off as one.)

> Ika, with lots of interesting F and H gender
> issues snipped:
> "......and then class comes into F&H as well
> (actually, I think it might be the most
> class-aware of DWJ's novels).
> The class issues in F and H are very well
> embedded but I think the most class aware
> would actually be Drowned Ammet, followed by Cart
> and Cwidder but, irrc, Ika you haven't read the
> Dalemark books yet.

Bounce. No, not yet: they're pencilled in for April/May.

Love, Ika

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