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Mon Mar 15 21:20:05 EST 2004

Ika wrote on queer theory

<Christopher Chant/Chrestomanci,
|for instance, is depicted neither as a specimen 
of the type
|'heterosexual', despite marrying Milly, nor as a

specimen of the type
|'homosexual', despite being in love with Uncle 
Ralph and Tacroy.>

Um a little confused with the use of "in love
with" here, does it have a wider meaning in queer


<I always thought Shine was a huge dyke,

Yes I'm not sure Quentin had entirely thought
things out when he sent the male bodyguards

<And Miss Potter's* adoration of Dillian is a
balance/contrast to
Fifi's of Archer - though I guess their 
relationship, such as it is, isn't
quite as openly acknowledged as Fifi & Archer's: 
ie, Miss Potter doesn't make it onto the

I think it was quite one sided, I'm sure Dillian
would have had a good old titter at poor Miss
Potter behind her back.

Ika, with lots of interesting F and H gender
issues snipped:

"......and then class comes into F&H as well
(actually, I think it might be the most 
class-aware of DWJ's novels).

The class issues in F and H are very well
embedded but I think the most class aware 
would actually be Drowned Ammet, followed by Cart
and Cwidder but, irrc, Ika you haven't read the
Dalemark books yet. 


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