Bujold banned in Queensland

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 15 17:50:33 EST 2004

Just a little bit more on this. While I have no idea
of which Qld. town is the one in question (did any of
the posts say Anita?), there is very tenuous
Queensland connection through all this. As i mentioned
Ethan of Athos shares its central notion (all male
planet) with an earlier Aussie novel by Bert Chandler.
bert Chandler was a sea captain by profession and he
based all his planets on Australian seaports. The
planet in False Fatherland was presumably inspired by
a port with a predominately male population, this
suggests a mining town. Today there are several such
ports in Western Australia but Chandler wrote in the
'50s and '60s when such places were in Queensland. I
also have no idea if Bujold was aware of Chandler's
book (he sold very well in the US in the '60s and was
even a worldcon GoH iirc) but it is possible that a
book banned in Queensland for promoting an alternative
lifestyle is actually in part inspired by a Queensland
Yes, I know, all very lacking in substance, but an
interesting line of thought.

Jon (going back into hiding)

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