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Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 15 16:43:14 EST 2004

Firstly; Thanks Anita for the info, I will pass it
back to the person on the OZTLNet list who asked
Secondly - to all Queenslanders - I AM ONLY JOKING
(see below)

--- minnow at belfry.org.uk wrote:
> Anita wrote
> >The only bit of information I've kept on that
> thread says:
> >
> >> I have just learned that the library in a small
> town in Queensland has
> >> removed Ethan of Athos, Komarr, Cetaganda and
> Barrayar from its
> >> shelves on the grounds that: "it was felt by some
> that they were
> >> propaganda promoting an alternative lifestyle,
> and were otherwise
> >> devoid of literary content."
> Coo!  No words at all apart from propaganda?  (Well,
> how else can one
> define "no literary content"?)
> I wonder what in *Komarr* is so alternative, seeing
> as how it is very much
> about  marriage and the need for loyalty within it. 
>  I can justabout see
> that the male-only, homosexual world of Athos moght
> be called an
> alternative lifestyle, and if it were not that it
> only occurs for about a
> chapter and a half it might be something that was
> being promoted and
> presented as ideal and wonderful, and so might
> seriously upset heterosexual
> bigots stupid enough to regard homosexual marriage
> as a threat to
> themselves.  (Yes, sorry, deborah, that's probably
> political and all, but I
> really do have to spit a few tin-tacks *sometimes*!)
> Likewise, one can promote a lifestyle involving FTL
> travel or the attempted
> genetic perfecting of a particular type of "human"
> all one wants, but the
> reader is most unlikely to be able to do anything
> about getting involved in
> such a lifestyle, since it doesn't at present exist
> and nor do the
> conditions that would make it possible.
> Maybe the propaganda is for the "what would happen
> if some set of
> conditions other than the ones I live under
> obtained" mindset as being a
> good thing!  I suppose it's intolerable to encourage
> people to think
> outside the ticky-tacky boxes.
> Boggle gently.

Look we are talking Queensland here, where marrying
someone who is not a close relative is seen as a
dangerous southern notion and the only book with any
literary merit is the Bible. Indeed the most suprising
thing is the information that there is a library in

Jon (now going into hiding)

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