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Mon Mar 15 16:01:14 EST 2004

Anita wrote

>The only bit of information I've kept on that thread says:
>> I have just learned that the library in a small town in Queensland has
>> removed Ethan of Athos, Komarr, Cetaganda and Barrayar from its
>> shelves on the grounds that: "it was felt by some that they were
>> propaganda promoting an alternative lifestyle, and were otherwise
>> devoid of literary content."

Coo!  No words at all apart from propaganda?  (Well, how else can one
define "no literary content"?)

I wonder what in *Komarr* is so alternative, seeing as how it is very much
about  marriage and the need for loyalty within it.   I can justabout see
that the male-only, homosexual world of Athos moght be called an
alternative lifestyle, and if it were not that it only occurs for about a
chapter and a half it might be something that was being promoted and
presented as ideal and wonderful, and so might seriously upset heterosexual
bigots stupid enough to regard homosexual marriage as a threat to
themselves.  (Yes, sorry, deborah, that's probably political and all, but I
really do have to spit a few tin-tacks *sometimes*!)

Likewise, one can promote a lifestyle involving FTL travel or the attempted
genetic perfecting of a particular type of "human" all one wants, but the
reader is most unlikely to be able to do anything about getting involved in
such a lifestyle, since it doesn't at present exist and nor do the
conditions that would make it possible.

Maybe the propaganda is for the "what would happen if some set of
conditions other than the ones I live under obtained" mindset as being a
good thing!  I suppose it's intolerable to encourage people to think
outside the ticky-tacky boxes.

Boggle gently.


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