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Ika blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Sat Mar 13 05:39:57 EST 2004

JOdel wrote:

> [As for homosexuals, I always thought that Torquil was a pretty flaming
> example of the typical stereotype

Sigh. Lovely Torquil. I always thought Shine was a huge dyke, actually
(and wondered about possible rivalry between her & Erskine when Awful
grows up, though last time I reread Archer's Goon I couldn't work out
quite where I'd got the idea of a potential Shine-Awful attraction from.
Possibly just my own crush on Awful showing through).

And Miss Potter's* adoration of Dillian is a nice balance/contrast to
Fifi's of Archer - though I guess their relationship, such as it is, isn't
quite as openly acknowledged as Fifi & Archer's: ie, Miss Potter doesn't
make it onto the spaceship. There are plot reasons for that, though - I
think *another* character or another romance would have overbalanced the
already-complicated ending (Archer's Goon has *millions* of characters,
doesn't it?), and Dillian and Miss P are less central than Fifi and

*Eep! I'm blanking on her name and *both* my copies of AG have
unaccountably gone missing! Why? Why??

Ahem. Deborah wrote (incidentally, deborah, is it capital-D or little-d
deborah? Am I being incorrect in capitalizing it?)

> In fact, a friend wrote a brilliant master's thesis on how queer theory
> can add to readings of children's literature, including the Dicey books,
> and the Alanna books.

Coool. Is this available anywhere (I have access to university libraries,
inter-library loans, etc)? I've been pontificating queer readings of
Cynthia Voigt with my gf ever since I lent her "Tell Me If The Lovers Are
Losers" and she pointed out that it's pretty much a romance between Niki
and Hildy, but Dicey's always been a bit of an anomaly in the theories
we've worked out. I'd love to see this thesis.

> (To make this more clear: "queer theory" is more
> than just equivalent to "gay, lesbian, and bisexual theory", but
> confronts the range of possible expressions of sexuality, and "queer",
> for many people, doesn't just mean "gay, lesbian, and bisexual", but
> "non-conventional sexualities".)

<g> I just applied for a job in a university which is too cutting-edge
even to say "queer theory" and calls it "sexual dissidence" instead -  but
that gets at the same sort of thing.

On this track, though - I lent a non-monogamous friend (she lives with the
man she considers to be her True Person, but has been in a secondary
relationship for several years, and there's other people I haven't met)
Charmed Life recently, and she instantly pegged Michael as Milly's
secondary boyfriend. It spun my head a bit at first ("Noooo! Milly and
Chrestomanci love each other *very much*!") but now I actually kind of
like the idea.

Love, Ika

"I had no choice but to recognise that the world was suddenly making
itself available for improvement, and it was all Morrissey's fault"
- Andrew O'Hagan
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