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> deborah wrote:
> >who has strong feelings about both issues but won't discuss them on this
> >list in the hopes of setting a good example for once.
> I'd been wondering what feminism and homosexuality had to do with DWJ,
> slightly.  She clearly is neither a feminist nor a homosexual herself

*scratches head* I just don't see how you can say CLEARLY not a feminist. 
Didn't we just get through saying that people see the word feminist in very 
different ways?

>From my point of view, as an old-fashioned dinosaur sort of feminist (think 
Dorothy Sayers on _Are Women Human_?) who thinks it means things like women 
being free to vote and go to college and all that if they like, how would she 
*not* be? (After all, she Wears Trousers!!! ;-) ) It simply had never occurred to 
me to think of her as not being a feminist in this particular sense. And it 
does seem to me that there are an awful lot of people about who still use the 
word this way, and that DWJ might conceivably do so herself, though you know 
her and I don't, of course.

I wonder if anyone considers me clearly not a feminist. It's entirely 
possible, I suppose. It would be quite amusing if they did, really.

Helen Schinske
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