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Tue Mar 9 00:07:28 EST 2004

On Mon, 8 Mar 2004, Dorian E. Gray wrote:
|As Deborah and Melissa seem to me to have been saying, the word has acquired
|these rather negative associations.

Well, she says, desperately trying to derail an interesting but
potentionally inflammatory political conversation without derailing the
non-political components, and falling into her usual technique of, when
all else fails, becoming too intellectual,

When I point out the multiple connotations of any word, be it
"feminist", "queer", or "shoes", I don't necessarily feel that a
multitude of positive or negative connotations results in an ultimately
positive or negative meaning.  I think a multiplicity of meanings makes
words more interesting, which makes meaning more interesting, which
makes life more interesting.  I like multiplicity; it makes me happy.

I kept coming up with examples for this but I'm afraid each of my
examples will themselves provoke political debate.  Suffice to say that
there are words which contain negative connotations which I nonetheless
feel positive about, and words which contain positive connotations which
I nonetheless feel negative about.  In all those cases, the multiplicity
of meanings makes me shivery.

Like Awful, you should never ask me to make you tea.  ;)

Sir! I protest! I am _not_ a merry man!
		--lt. worf

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