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Except for "The Girl Jones," which I've never heard of, _Unexpected Magic_
appears to collect every DWJ story (with a few exceptions) that hasn't already
been collected in the recent _Stopping for a Spell_  (reissued) and  _Mixed
Magics_ (Chrestomanci) collections.  The exceptions are "A True State of 
(Dalemark), "Mela Worms," and "Slice of Life."  _Unexpected Magic_ also
includes a few stories ("The Green  Stone," "The Fat Wizard," and "Little 
that haven't before been collected.

I've listed all the DWJ short stories that I'm aware of and noted in which 
they might be found.

_Warlock at the Wheel_ (WatW)
_Everard's Ride_ (ER)
_Minor Arcana_ (MA)
_Believing is Seeing_ (BiS) [US edition of MA]
_Stopping for a Spell_ (SfaS)
_Mixed Magics_ (MM)

At 02:49 PM 3/6/2004 -0500, deborah wrote with the contents of _Unexpected 
>story list:
>The Girl Jones
>Nad and Dan Adn Quaffy (ER, MA/BiS)
>The Plague of Peacocks (WatW, ER)
>The Master (ER, MA/BiS)
>Enna Hittims (BiS)
>The Girl Who Loved the Sun (MA/BiS)
>The Fluffy Pink Toadstool (WatW)
>Auntie Bea's Day Out (WatW)
>Carruthers (WatW)
>What the Cat Told Me (MA/BiS)
>The Green Stone
>The Fat Wizard
>No One (WatW, ER)
>Dragon Reserve, Home Eight (WatW, ER, MA/BiS)
>Little Dot*
>Everard's Ride (ER)

* From the new _Firebirds_ anthology (Sep. 2003)

Not in _Unexpected Magic_:

Dalemark short story
"The True State of Affairs" (MA, ER)

Chrestomanci short stories
"The Sage of Theare" (MA/BiS, MM)
""Warlock at the Wheel" (MM)
"The Stealer of Souls" (MM)
"Carol O'Neir's Hundredth Dream" (MM)

Uncollected short stories
"Mela's Worm" (_Arrows of Eros_ anthology)
"A Slice of Life" (poem from _Now We Are Sick_)

"The Four Grannies" (SfaS)
"Chair Person" (SfaS)
"Who Got Rid of Angus Flint" (SfaS)

"The Shape of the Narrative in The Lord of the Rings" (ER)

(who now knows which books to buy to get a full collection of DWJ
short stories, without much duplication)

PS Was "A True State of Affairs" in one of the Dalemark reissues?

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