evoking emotion - Spielberg (and maybe Gibson)

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sat Mar 6 13:41:21 EST 2004

Devra quoted:

>> I think if you know a scene
>> or situation ought to make you more emotionally involved than you are, maybe
>> that's not such an unreasonable demand.

and replied:

>Kind of makes me remember watching "E.T" and noticing how they'd set up the
>end scenes to evoke a certain reaction--grouping the mother and the
>father/figure, the older brother and the sister....  I hate when I see the
>that's set up, rather than being emotionally struck by the art (if you see the
>distinction I'm trying to make...)

I think it's quite reasonable not to be very impressed when one gets just a
little too much of the smell of the lamp.  I suspect it's the
being-manipulated as opposed to being-shown and making up one's own mind
that's a sticking-point, really.

"You will be sad/angry/soothed/frightened/aroused by what I am saying" is a
short step from the demagogue, and I think that being suspicious of it is a
very healthy thing, in a world that's hung with silver tongues with good
advice to give.

(But then, because of this list I have been reading just a little too much
about the European witch-hunts, and I am thoroughly opposed to the
manipulation of the mob by people who have some vested interest in stirring
up that sort of thing.  Bear with me, I expect it'll pass in a while.)


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