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Ok... I seem to be able to post again so I'll resend my original post. 

I know I contribute little and infrequently but just wanted to say how much I enjoyed today. I was asked whether I would mind reading some of my favourite book to a group of children in my school as part of World Book Day. Needless to say I was delighted to do so and took the opportunity to read the opening chapter of TotG to an attentive audience, nearly all spellbound and keen to read the rest. I then left the book in the Book Swap box in the Staff Common Room for someone else to read. I don't think much of my swap - the best I could find amongst all the really tacky "women's" novels and dull classics was a Ruth Rendell. I was however impressed to find that our new headmaster had read part of "The Dark is Rising" to his group - at least someone has some taste! 
Just wondering has anyone read "Dance of the Assassins"? I bought it recently after a disappointing trawl round the shelves of my local bookshop. I'm at the stage where I've read everything by my favourite authors too many times to read again and no one I like has written anything for a while. I'd be interested to hear anyone else's views on it. Also does anyone have any stunning recommendations? I desperately need to be inspired by a book. When is DWJ's newest appearing on our shelves, does anyone know yet? Help!


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