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Charles Butler hannibal at
Fri Mar 5 05:31:31 EST 2004

> On Thursday, March 4, 2004, at 10:21 AM, Nat Case wrote:
> > On a whim I went to look up Penelope Farmer's books. I was trying to
> > remeber which ones went in which order. I was very surprised to find
> > almost nothing in ABEbooks or NY Public Library, and to find all the
> > SF bibliographical references totally wrong. Has she been dropped off
> > the radar? Summer Birds was one of my favorite books in early middle
> > school, and I still go back to Charlotte Sometimes on a regular basis.
> Most of them are out of print, but you can find titles and stuff on

She does seem to have stopped writing children's books - at least
full-length ones. The latest I know of is *Thicker than Water*, which is
1989. Since then her books have been short children's books, adult novels
and anthologies (I've got one on Twins and Doubles from 1996 - it's a kind
of tribute to her own dead twin Judith).

ObDWJ - Farmer went to the same Oxford College as DWJ - but too late to
coincide with her...


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