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> Here's what I think.  Elizabeth Moon is one of those writers who is a 
> fantastic storyteller, but only nominally good at the craft of writing.

For me the real problem with her fantasy books, particularly Deed of 
Paksenarrion is that it was all too obviously written on the RPG model. That was a 
very popular style back when it first came out, but it didn't exactly make for 
good books. Or for good storytelling. The fact of the matter is that hoever much 
fun dungeons and dragons may be to play, and however much it may seem that 
you are role-playing your way through a fantasy story, it *isn't a story*. It is 
an artificial consrtuction without any of the sort of pacing, or build, or 
whatever that a story depends on to function satisfactorily.

Deed inpressed me with Moon's ability to weave the elements of an underlying 
plot through three extended-length books and have them relate to one another. 
I was very impressed by her use of little details from the first book as 
elements of the major turning points of the second and third. But, frankly, the 
action particularly in the second booik was both literally and figuratively all 
over the map. The books lacked *structure*, and it irritated me. She doesn't 
pull this with her space opera. 

Ands Spped of Dark, which is neither, is a very well-told tale, from a 
reader's, if not a strictly literary point of view.
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