OT - Meredith Ann Pierce

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Thu Mar 4 05:10:16 EST 2004


>The sci fi explanations at the end were forced and spoiled the gothic mood
>of the story's beginnings.  The trilogy would have been better as a straight
>on supernatural fantasy.

  It's funny, because it didn't really even occur to me that Catherine 
Fisher seems to be doing quite a similar thing with the series 
starting with _The Relic Master_ (Books of the Crow, maybe?) until 
you and Melissa wrote about Pierce's trilogy.  Quite a different 
effect, mind you, but one of the things I liked about TRM was the mix 
in her world of magic (which does really work - no messing around 
with scientific explanations that are obvious to the reader but not 
to the characters) and a science fiction-y underpinning to the whole 
thing.  I've just got the second one of the series myself, so don't 
know if she'll sustain it better than Pierce did, but I'm hopeful!


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