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Wed Mar 3 16:47:52 EST 2004

Melissa said...

> Hmmm.  I loved _The Deed of Paksenarrion_, but most recently I really
> her space opera.
> Here's what I think.  Elizabeth Moon is one of those writers who is a
> fantastic storyteller, but only nominally good at the craft of writing.

Hm.  Okay, I will grant you that, but my major problem with her work lies in
another area.

(Please note: 1.  I really like Ms. Moon's books and 2. Everthing following
(including what I think her books should be doing) is *only* *my*

The problem I have is that, while she tells a great story and creates
wonderful characters, she doesn't seem to be able to cope well with emotion.
Now, I am a reader who cries pretty easily over books.  Give me some genuine
emotion and I will be in tears as I read.  But with all of Moon's work, I
keep finding myself thinking "I *should* be crying right now" - rather than
*actually* crying (most specifically, at the climax of the Paksenarrion
trilogy).  Somehow, she just doesn't quite write the emotion so that it hits
me where it really truly hurts.

I keep rereading the books, partly because they are damn' good stories...and
partly because I always, futilely, hope that *this* time, the emotion
actually *will* kick me in the gut.

But I am possibly peculiar in demanding gut-wrenching emotional trauma.

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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"The tygers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction."
-William Blake, "Proverbs of Heaven and Hell"

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