Satanic Mill (Re: Little Big (was: RE: Zod Wallop))

Nat Case ncase at
Mon Mar 1 14:34:45 EST 2004

My wife remembered reading it in school, and a few years ago I asked 
on the DWJ list what the title was... we found a copy on ABEbooks, 
and enjoyed it a lot. It struck us as being peculiarly and definitely 
German, strikingly different from British and American approaches. A 
lot of violent-comeuppance which is wholly appropriate within the 
context of the book, but which a lof of English-language writers tend 
to be somewhat more squeamish about. Or maybe it's English-language 


>aharlib at
>>  > >  finished their copy of _The Satanic Mill_ by Otfried Preussler.]
>>  > >
>>  > >
>>  >
>>  > Ooooo. I thought I was the only one who'd read that. I still have my
>>  > hardcover my parents gave me years and years ago, but I haven't re-read
>>  > it in a while. How does it bear up to re-reading?
>>  I once did a proposal to make this into an animated film - not my idea,
>>  one a film company asked me to do. It wasn't picked up... a really weird
>>  story.
>>  Sallyo.
>I remember reading that when I was in my teens and liking it but no details
>remain in my mind.
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