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Mon Mar 1 12:21:39 EST 2004


>  >I just finished the Darkangel trilogy, and am going slightly demented
>>trying to remember if there was a discussion on the list a few years
>>ago.  What's coming up is the faint glimmer that someone (Elise?)
>>said the third book was a big disappointment and others agreed.  It's
>>quite possible that I could just have fabricated all this because
>>it's my feeling though!  Anyone read the books and want to comment?
>The third book is an abomination.  (How's that for a comment? :)

It's a delight!  If I'd known that was forthcoming, I might not have 
had to rant about it at my daughters every time I could get them as 
captive audience. :)  Becca read the first two, at my suggestion, but 
I only wanted her to read the end of the third for the horror, to see 
just how wrong it all went.

>This was my reaction: The first two books hint at the scientific origin of
>the world--the terraformed moon, the genetically engineered people--but all
>from the point of view of those living in it, who only have legends to go
>on.  Very cool.  Then in the third book, Pierce starts making it all
>explicitly about the science, we lose the exclusivity of Aeriel's point of
>view, and the love story falls apart in a bad way.  It was like Evil
>Feminism run amok (and since I consider myself a feminist, this was a strong
>criticism for me to make).

Hmm.  Not too sure where the Feminism comes in - Aeriel is a bit dim 
throughout, Irrylath turns into a complete disaster, but Sabr is just 
downright scary.  Sisterhood maybe?  As the only one who *truly* 
loves Aeriel (sorry, 'the pale girl') is Erin (make that 'the dark 
girl')?  Ack.  Not sure it's good for the brain even trying to figure 
it out.

>I don't even own _Pearl of the Soul of the World_.  I prefer to make up my
>own ending.

Good idea!


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