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Mon Mar 1 12:19:26 EST 2004

On Sun, 29 Feb 2004 20:05:25 +1100, Abe Gross wrote:

>> It's very interesting.  I'd put it at the high end of literary fantasy;
>> more lyrical than Jonathan Carroll but less mythic than, for example,
>> _Little, Big_, if that means anything to anyone.
>I can't comment on _Little, Big_, but it does sound reminiscent of Joanathan
>Carroll, and as a matter of fact, it was recommended by someone on a list
>for his books. So it's very interesting that you've made the allusion to
>him. In particular, although the plot's different, it's kind of reminiscent,
>from what you say, of Carroll's first novel _The Land of Laughs_, in which
>two characters are researching the life of an author, except that it sounds
>as if the horror elements work differently in the book (don't want to say
>more--there's be spoilers galore).

When I was looking for copies online, most of the reviews mentioned it in
connection to _The Land of Laughs_.  So it must be really really obvious to
everyone.  The difference, as I understand it (not having read the book), is
that Carroll's book is more "realistic" in that it's more solidly connected
to our world and the descriptive language is less like some kind of opium
nightmare.  :)

>> I have trouble knowing who to recommend _Zod Wallop_ to.  If it were the
>> kind of literary fantasy that relied solely on language, it would be
>> But the fantasy plot is so well done that I think it would appeal to most
>> readers who like complicated fiction.  _Zod Wallop_ is out of print and
>> relatively difficult to find; we've been passing the library's two copies
>> around ourselves.  If you *can* find a copy, I'd say it's worth reading.
>Thanks for that description, Melissa. I actually do have a copy, which I
>found in a second-hand shop some time ago, and it's been sitting on my TBR
>pile since then! The horrific elements put me off a little, but everything
>else you say sounds extremely appealing.

Did I mention that the one other reading group member who's read it yelled
at me in a humorous way for recommending it, as she'd had nightmares about
giant floating manta ray creatures sucking out her eyeballs afterward?

It's exactly the kind of horror I enjoy.  I don't like being scared; I don't
get any enjoyment out of roller coasters or Stephen King.  But I love the
place where unreality starts seeping into our world and it looks almost like
it belongs here.  Believe me, this is a bloody and violent book, but it's
also about redemption and love and sacrifice, and to me, when a book has
these contrasting elements, it makes goodness and virtue seem even more

>I just realised that somewhere I also have a copy of _Little, Big_, also
>unread. I'm not being accurate; it's not a TBR pile I have, but rather, a
>TBR double bookcase!

Ever since I started keeping the book database, I gave up on collecting the
unread books in one place.  Now I have a filter that shows me which books I
own and haven't read.  Very convenient.  (I also set up a rating category
for books I won't read, so they don't get displayed when I'm looking for
something new to read.)

And just as a matter of pride, last Friday I passed the 1500 mark; I have
now catalogued more than 1500 volumes of my library, which is more than I
have ever managed to do before.  (With the list of books I want and the list
of extra copies to give away, the total number of records is almost 1700.)
Most of those records have synopses, cover images, complete bibliographic
information, purchase information, and my own ratings, and all the story
collections have the individual stories entered as well.  So I have been a
busy little beaver.  I think I'm more than two-thirds done; I have to get
all the books that are upstairs and all the picture books, but that's all
that's left.  It's very cool to be able to sort the database and look at
which books I bought in 1985.  (Not many.)

Melissa Proffitt

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