We have lift-off.

Laurel lalamme at gru.net
Tue Jun 29 22:03:23 EDT 2004

I just came out Zillah, and will have to reread ASWM to decide if I like 
that result or not.  But Ven, how did you get Sirius?  I have been 
trying to channel him for a number of quiz results now, and keep coming 
out Throgmorten or Calcifer, sometimes both.  Two fascinating 
characters, of course, but I've always been partial to Sirius.  This is 
a wonderful quiz.

Also, I haven't seen any discussion of the Howl trailer over at 
nausicaa.net, and am very curious to know what everyone thinks about 
it.  As for me, nothing was designed quite how I imagined it, but I 
still like most of the trailer, especially Sophie's energetic sweeping.


Ven wrote:

>A few more results, I successfully channelled
>Jamie Sirius and Querida. I presume now that I
>was right about Querida'a refusal to answer the
>brothers and sisters question. (Although she was
>not the only one).

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